Having trouble planning a one, two or three day vacation for after you have experienced Mesa Verde?  National Geographic to the rescue!

The four states of the 4 Corners went to work with National Geographic to create the most incredible 2-sided map and an interactive web site, illustrating a huge number of wonderful things to do on vacation – or if you live in the 4 Corners!

The map was initiated to publicize the Trail of the Ancients, belonging to the famous Anasazi of 1200AD and known for the alcove sites of Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado.  The 116 mile Trail of the Ancients, America’s only National Scenic Byway dedicated solely to archaeology, is a byway full of archaeology and culture in the heart of the Colorado plateau.


Visits to the Anasazi Heritage Center and Hovenweep Monument are superb archaeological additions to your experiences in the 4 Corners,  but the map shows many more.

Geology and water features are equally fascinating.  Anyone who has been to a western movie already knows what Monument Valley looks like, but that is NOT the same as a visit in person and a Navajo-guided tour.  The San Juan River provides river rafting past Anasazi ruins – but bring along your fishing gear!  That’s just the beginning of outdoor adventures awaiting in canyons, on McPhee Reservoir, and throughout a variety of national forests.  Hike, bike, horse back ride, zip line, fish and more – the interactive map offers suggestions of how to have this much fun! www.fourcornersgeotourism.org  


It’s important to plan enough time to really experience the 4 Corners!! Mesa Verde National Park is just the beginning and requires a full day in order to absorb the experience.

Here’s the recipe:   Select  a luxurious but casual place to stay – stay long enough – have a truly wonderful time in the 4 Corners.  Sundance Bear Lodge is such a place to stay – perfect for a couple or the whole family – with a little taste of Santa Fe in the lodge, log cabin, guest house. Bring the family dog along when you stay in one of the cabins. www.Sundancebear.com



Only 4 miles north of Mancos on Hwy 184, Sundance Bear is on 80+ acres of trees, canyon, pasture. See Mesa Verde’s profile from the lodge’s front  deck. Turn left out of the drive onto Highway 184 and it is about 20 miles at  Dolores where to find the Anasazi Heritage Center.  There are so many great activities and sites within two hours , the most difficult part will be deciding which to select.  Planning  special itineraries is easy.  Grab your Nat’l G special map and let’s get the plans underway!!


Sundance Bear Lodge (Susan & Bob Scott, owners)

38890 Highway 184, Mancos CO 81328    www.Sundancebear.com


www.Trailofthe Ancients.com




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