If this is your first vacation in the 4 Corners,  the assumption is that you will visit Mesa Verde National Park.  This is a huge park (about 55,000 acres) and it takes at least 5 hours to get a glimpse of the alcove sites and the ancient Indian dwellings.  Far better to plan a full day. The 4 alcoves  have $4 tours and you can plan these when you arrive. If you want to see portions of the park that few folks get to visit, you want to go to www.recreation.gov and see if any of the special hikes match your vacation timing, your ability and interest.  Mug House, Upper Navajo Canyon, Yucca and Wetherill Mesa are the special excursions.


On Tuesday and Thursday beginning June 10 the Anasazi Heritage Center will offer archive tours.  Clearly the center has many more artifacts than they have room to display on the first floor; the rest are stored below.  Call 970-882-4811 to sign up — these fill up fast.  Do not wait until you check in at Sundance Bear Lodge!


Have you ridden the Durango Silverton steam train???  This is another full day event.  You can shorten the day a little by taking the bus to Silverton and the train back to Durango.  The train has a top speed of about 12 mph but on the climb up is often reduced the 5mph!  On the bus the driver gives you pleasant tour chatter, so it is a valuable ride.  You’ll find all the details on the train website www.durangotrain.com.   Be sure to consult your confirmation letter from Sundance Bear to see the code worth a 10% discount on train tickets. The special cars sell out fast, so it is important to plan ahead!


It is easier to plan horseback riding,jeep tours, river rafting and zip-lining once you are here and can check the weather forecast.


We look forward to seeing you this summer at Sundance Bear Lodge!

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