Who gets the money????

compliments of the Mesa Verde Foundation. On May 15 and 16and they’ll paint, draw and sculpt to their hearts’ content! What a TREAT!!!!  Then on  May 17 the completed works will be on display at the park’s new Visitor and Research Center, located just off Highway 160 at the park entrance. 

Now this is the important part!!!!

Come to the luncheon on the 17th –bring your check book — and purchase your favorite piece of brand new art — to benefit the park.  How easy can that be?

The results of the 2013 Rims to Ruins provided funds for the 4 Corners Lecture Series and rejuvenated the historic horse patrol program.

If you would like to come to the luncheon on May 17 and take part in the auction — contact Judy Grant 303-842-3569. Tickets are $50/person

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