The internet is infinite in size– and complexity!  As I was clicking around with a focus on Durango and its marvelous narrow gauge train,  I found .  The more time I spent on the site, the more I liked what it had to offer.  I have always relied upon the state tourism site which does a credible job of presenting  things to do, places to stay adore.  But this  looks pretty good too.

One part that looks especially useful is their collection of maps! Here is the link  to the maps —    I am an old fashioned paper map reader who isn’t in love with GPS gadgets.  So give me time to look at these maps — maybe print one out — and send me on my way!  The collection includes several of the small towns of the mountains, hiking trails, public transit, golf courses, scenic highways and more.   Take a look and let me know if you find this web site valuable in planning yor excursion(s) through Colorado.  There’s nothing like having  a  map and good information to take some of the mystery out without detracting from the Colorado adventure!

Susan and Bob at Sundance Bear Lodge, Mancos


PS this looks like another great page within the site!

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